My name is Jeanine and I guide you to be the person who you truly are. We’ve all built layers around us. Some of the layers are consciously created but most of them are unconsciously created. These layers keep you where we are. They have created voices in your head and patterns in your life about how you should behave and about the life you should live.

Unfortunately, these layers keep you away from who you are at the core of your being. They keep us safe in the comfort zone. Deep inside you know and feel that there’s more inside you. So much more. But the anxiety, the fear and the uncertainty are too big to let go. Limiting beliefs, negative judgements, insecurities, old patterns, negative stream of thoughts and old ways of behaving are constructs of the layers around you.

I know how you feel. I know the struggle. I’ve been very depressed at a very young age. I thought I was not worthy enough and that everyone’s life would have been better if I wasn’t there anymore. I grew up quite fast and started to live life on my terms. The personal development and unlayering tour started pretty much around the age of 17 when I moved on my own. I started to read books, watch lots of documentaires, talked to psychologists, did many healings, meditations, journalling, I cried and screamed many times to let go. Who am I TRULY? What am I here for? What is MY PURPOSE in this life?

I found out that my purpose in life is to serve you. To help you. To guide you. Because life can be a hell of a ride but once you’re on the good way life will come to you. In many possible ways you yet can’t imagine. If you really want to transform, you have to open yourself up. And that takes a lot of courage and faith.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you consciously choose the steps you take to live life on your terms. You are enough. You are loved. You are heard.

Love, Jeanine

More information about me

  • In 2019 I studied to become a Lifestyle Coach at the Bold Coach Academy in Bussum, Netherlands. I am certified and registered at CPION, which stands for: Centrum Post Initieel Onderwijs Nederland. That means: Centre Post Initial Education Netherlands.
  • I’ve been coaching since the beginning of 2019. I’ve coached over 50 brave people by now.
  • My fields of specialisation are stress, burn-out, sleep, creating new food patterns and habits, healthy lifestyle, life purpose, decision making, balancing the mind, body and soul, getting into contact with your souls mission and living life on your terms. 
  • Coachees find my coaching very insightful and valuable. Sometimes one coaching session is enough to take the step in the right direction, make the decision that suits them best or make better food choices. However, sometimes one session is not enough because some stuck patterns and habits need to be broken and new healthy patterns and habits need to be created.
More information about me
Jeanine Leenheer coaching

what makes my coaching unique?

I don’t give advise. I don’t say what you can or should do. I don’t give tips in the first place unless you ask me: ‘Hey Jeanine, how do you do that?’. What I do is asking the right questions out of being fully present. I listen not only with my ears but also with my heart, body and soul. The value of someone being fully present and asking the right questions out of that presence is immeasurable. You should experience it for yourself. Yes, this can be terrifying because I can look closely in your soul but yes it is liberating.

what do you get from my coaching?

Coaching with me means getting new insights, new perspectives, a new way of thinking and seeing things differently. My aim is to put you back in your power and to make sure you are firmly rooted. Simply put: you get whatever you need. That might be courage, an insight, knowledge or love; whatever you need is being given by opening new doors and peeling of the layers.

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What would your perfect day look like? 

What choices would you make that benefits your health and wellbeing?

How would you feel without stress and tiredness?

What happens if you choose courage over fear?

How would you see the world through an open mind, body & soul?


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